Process Engineering Coordinator

As coordinator for Process Engineering you will be responsible for all processes and tools in the field of Epitaxy and Atomic Layer Deposition; Bonding and Assembly.

What you will do

You will be a member of the Epitaxy, Atomic Layer Deposition; Bonding and Assembly Engineering (EASE) team. This team is responsible for in-line processes and tools in above expertise fields used in the area of More Than Moore (Life Sciences, MEMS, actuators, sensors, IOT, ...) and Core (Logic, Memory ...).

As a Coordinator:
Your mission will be to coordinate the day to day follow up and monitoring of the tool performance and related activities in the EASE team. You will need to set priorities and follow up on them.
You guide and steer the team in taking proactive measures to improve and make sure the right quality processes are put in place to safeguard tool and process stability.
In the event of major processing or tool problems you help the team in assessing potential root causes and effectively follow up on the analysis in order to come to a structural solution in a timely manner. You take ownership of escalations.
You will work in a dynamic multidisciplinary and multicultural environment in close cooperation with researchers, hardware and process engineers, operations, industry assignees, tool suppliers, device and process experts.
You will represent imec in contacts with third parties and representatives for semiconductor players from around the globe.


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Vervaldatum: 03/03/2018